Forever Young & Never Crap; Death Protects The Icon

9 12 2011

I shout all my obscenities from steeples,
But please don’t label me a madman
I’m off to see the Bootleg Beatles
As the bootleg Mark Chapman

Taken from ‘When The Evening Sun Goes Down’ by Half Man Half Biscuit

Thirty-one years ago on December 8,  John Lennon died in New York.

This was very sad and although I have never been a big fan of The Beatles, I appreciate that they were partly responsible for dragging English music away from  copy-cat product of the 1950’s and being at the forefront of the British Invasion that was welcomed by American audiences. John and his mates produced  radio-friendly-unit-shifters that appealed to a broad base of fans and have lasted for longer than two members of the band.

In death, John Lennon has achieved a lasting fame and a legacy that (for many) is hard to criticize. But what would have happened if Chapman hadn’t gunned down the Scouse legend outside his apartment all those years ago?

Lennon would have been 71 this year. Read the rest of this entry »