Halloween…the least scary day of the year

31 10 2014


Halloween is here. Again.

Having spent most of my formative years in England, I was lucky enough to miss out on the joy of dressing up in a costume and being forced to harass strangers for chocolate on a designated day.

This also meant that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate just how important it is to keep your door closed in the week leading up to the big night on October 31, and while the practice of parent-approved begging/extortion has now become popular in the UK, it has a long way to go before it reaches the insanity levels of the USA.

With that in mind, I don’t want to be a killjoy on a day when dressing up and terrifying people is widely accepted, so here are some scary thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »


Mitt-watch: Day 4,752

26 08 2012

I’m back…did I miss anything important?

Snooki had a baby, Tom Cruise went for a curry in England, people in some parts of the country were able to watch the new Batman movie without fear of death and the Apple vs Samsung patent infringement trial in California was decided in favor of the American company.

Which was a huge shock.

Lots of news, lots of things going on and lots of things to be concerned about.

Apart, of course, from Mittens choosing Paul Ryan as his “running mate” for the forthcoming (and seemingly never-ending) push for the White House. The problem I have is that I want to write about this but every day that I wake up and think “political commentary needed”, Mitt (or one of the knuckle-scrapping neanderthals that represent the GOP) does something that makes me want to drop him off the top of a very large mountain.

Which is probably banned in some states.

The other thing that has got in the way of my Mitt-watch is life itself. You work, you eat, you use the lavatory and you go to sleep. That’s a fair reflection of my days. And sad to say, Mitt and the Republican party are like buses…you can wait for a while for something dumb to be said and then they all arrive at once.

Next week, Mitt gets anointed as the chosen one at the annual party conference in Florida. This will go on for a week, Hurricane Issac permitting. Read the rest of this entry »

Targeting the Wrong Idol; Fifteen Minutes can Change Your Life

25 01 2011

There are some problems with being an international man of mystery. Notwithstanding is the fact that whilst I reside in the Land of the Free, the majority of my friends and family live in the Land of the Seriously Expensive. When I do take advantage of the rare chances that I have to “go home”, the time is spent rushing around trying to fit as many experiences as possible to ensure that my visit is not wasted.

Football matches, decent curries, a plethora of media that doesn’t have Glenn Beck, tasteless lager, the ability to buy crisps and decent chocolate, the joys of spotting speed cameras, the search for Royal Wedding souvenirs, the forgotten pleasures of the London Underground, being able to watch cricket, an English breakfast with decent bacon and the chance to pay $93 to fill up a Volkswagen Golf with petrol are all part and parcel of being “Home.”

Throw in the family commitments and 12 days in England is just not enough time! Read the rest of this entry »

Blink and You Missed It : Farewell to the Year of Bieber

1 01 2011

Don't look now but Snooki is approaching!

On the television, the clock is counting down to 2011. The end of another year and the end of another decade.

Dick Clark, a man who has lived through many of these events, is precisely one second behind the countdown that is on the screen behind him whilst Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy are barely able to contain their excitement.

Times Square gets ready to party; I get ready to go to bed.

But as 2011 arrives in a televisual display of Nivea-sponsored hats and fleeting glimpses of New Year tongue action, one thought is prevalent in my head.

Where did 2010 go? I still haven’t uploaded my pictures from last year into Facebook! Read the rest of this entry »

Less than Super, Man.

8 12 2010

Who knew that Tea would be my kryptonite!

Harold Wilson, two-time British PM, once remarked that a week was a long time in politics. If that is the case then two years must seem longer than having to watch the entire series of Jersey Shore.

Just over two years ago, Barrack Obama (and the Democratic Party) swept to victory on a mandate of change. Using the slogan “Yes We Can”, he tapped into the frustrations of ordinary Americans who had become disillusioned with the direction that the country was heading under a Republican Party that seemed more concerned with frittering money away on foreign disputes and ensuring that the status quo was maintained. A party that had seen the bubble burst on a housing market whose foundations were found to be less than concrete.

The GOP had lost their way and America decided that Obama was the man to lead the country out of the nightmare and back into the dream. Read the rest of this entry »

Relaunch of The Palm Pilot

9 02 2010

Sarah Palin has done it again.

Just when you think that she can’t provide any more comic relief, she gets filmed at the inaugural Tea Party convention with scrawled aide de memoirs on her hands. The words “energy”, “budget cuts”, “tax” and “lift American spirits” had been inscribed (unless it was a botched tattoo), although “budget” had been crossed through.


For some in the media, this has been a great opportunity to mock the Rogue Republican. The Times Online refered to her hand as a “hillbilly palm pilot” which brought a small smile that was quickly wiped away by the thought that for many Sarah is a role model and that at the very least she deserves some respect for standing up and speaking her mind.

It may be all part of a beautifully stage-managed PR drive, but she gives the impression of really caring what happens to the ordinary people that seem to have been left confused by the rhetoric of “hope and change“. Read the rest of this entry »