U.S. electorate embraces Sanity…for 24 hours at least

7 11 2012

So that is it…it’s all over.

Forty-seven years of campaigning, $47 trillion billion spent and the creation of a carbon footprint that may take some shifting for future generations.

Mitt lost, Obama won. Donald Trump got annoyed and Fox News had to break the news to Karl Rove that  the projections in battleground states were probably right.

Sanity seemed to prevail in the end as millions of voters decided that Mitt wasn’t the right option and that they would stick with the bloke with the nice smile instead.

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Our Reporter Made His Excuses And Left…

18 07 2011

The beginning of the end?

The twenty-first century is a fast paced existence.

We are constantly assaulted by images and messages from an ever-expanding media network as we go about our daily lives, almost unaware of the amount of information that is being presented. We believe that we have almost unlimited choice, that we are the ones in control of what we choose to view, read or download.

This could not be further from the truth.

We have become so used to the mass media that we have not noticed that it is the controlling entity and as such it chooses what we learn and what we view.

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