Cleaning Up After Mother Nature…With A Chainsaw

26 10 2014


Unless you are a lumberjack, waking up to the sound of a chainsaw can be a vaguely unsettling experience. Even more so if you are located on an island that is known primarily for its pink sandy beaches, reinsurance market and rum-based libations of varying strengths.

But for many Bermudians, the depressing sound of nature being chopped into small pieces has become very familiar in the last few days. As most people on this side of the pond are more than aware, this 21-square-mile patch of land was hit by two major weather events in the space of a week – “Tropical Storm” Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo – and while Fay reportedly caught the country with its shorts down, residents were more prepared for the extreme winds that picked up where the storm had left off.

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Snow Bored of Superbowl, Steven and Soccer

4 02 2011

Regular readers of my random ramblings (and I know that there are least 20 of you) will appreciate that my threshold for boredom is lower than a limbo dancer’s chosen profession.

Far too often my enthusiasm for events occurring in the world or outside my window is dulled by too much coverage or the vast array of talking heads pontificating on subjects that a) they know nothing about or b) are driven by the assumption that we are all idiots and can only understand 7 second soundbites. Sometimes the plethora of opinion just leaves me hoping that something slightly more interesting/controversial will pop up in my various Social Media feeds and rekindle the spark that actually made me give a shit in the first place.

This week I have been left cold (literally) by several events:

  • The amount of snow that has fallen in New England
  • The Superbowl in Dallas
  • The discussion over the adverts that will form part of the Superbowl
  • The amount of money that was spent by English soccer teams on Monday
  • Steven Tyler on American Idol

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Your Call Is Important To Us -Seasons Greetings from Delta and Expedia

21 12 2009

Adjusting the volume on the phone earpiece, I asked for the Expedia agent to repeat what she had just said.

Mr Bolton, I can advise you that in order to change the flight to London from Monday 21st December, arriving Heathrow on 22nd December to 7.45 PM leaving Boston on 22nd December and arriving on 23rd December, the additional fee will be $6,890 per person.”

That’s what I thought she said.

Picking my jaw from the floor, and holding my breath for 10 seconds, I calmly asked her how this rather unreasonable fee had been calculated.

She then went into a company-endorsed spiel that factored in the time of the year, the airline requirements for penalty fees in the event of the traveller being required to change his or her flight plans and the procedure that she had followed which calculated the penalty change for my obviously difficult request.

Just under $7,000 to move a flight by one day.

Nearly the same amount of cash that would buy 10 days in Disneyland. For one.

The same amount of money that a pancake waitress can expect to earn from a kiss and tell story about an encounter with a C-List celebrity.

And the reason why I had made this unreasonable request?

Extreme weather on the East Coast of the USA, and a cancelled Delta flight from Bermuda on the Saturday had ensured that we were not able to fly back to Boston before Tuesday at the earliest.

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