Charging our phones to cope with the end of days…

17 02 2013


Over the years, I have contemplated Armageddon hundreds of times. Not in a how do I achieve it sort of way, but more along the lines of what happens when civilization breaks down and the ants – or worse, the programming department at MTV – take over.

Pop culture has prepared me for a worst-case scenario, normally to the sound of a power ballad and the sight of some last heroic act of defiance. With the destruction of most of the planet  now assured,  the natural consequence of this anticipated disaster is always a plucky band of survivors who set out to rebuild society, while fighting off zombies or Republicans.

This is, of course, utter bobbins. Read the rest of this entry »


Limeybowl; It’s Pre-Game Time…

5 02 2012

6:05 p.m. Am now in the pub – Mr. Dooleys, Cohasset (feel free to “like” them on Facebook). Got here in time to watch the Patriots run out onto the pitch, saw Tom and then we had a commercial break.

Then we had some anthems, America the Beautiful (sung by some Country singer that I didn’t know) and the National Anthem warbled by Kelly Clarkson. The bar is not packed but there are numerous Pats shirts and small children wearing paper hats – free from the Boston Globe (the hats not the children) New York Giants are the “away” team and are wearing white. Which annoyingly is the color of the soccer shirt that I chose.

First decision of the evening – what beer to drink. Have been advised that Budweiser would be appropriate.

6:21 p.m. The Coin Toss, Pats in Blue, they win and will…kick off. But not until after we have another short interlude for national corporations to sell us something.

6:25 p.m. Commercial break, people singing the theme tune to Rocky – on TV, not in the bar.

The crowd is in boisterous mood, beers are flowing and the one person that I can see in a Giants shirt is keeping very quiet. Tactics are being discussed and we all want to know whether Tom will be victorious or if it will be Eli who comes up smiling. One thing I have noticed is that Quarterbacks are normally quite good looking; it’s as if they are genetically created to be superstars of sport.

There is no jealousy there, just an acceptance that the beautiful people are beautiful for a reason. Take Brad Pitt – you want to hate him for being pretty and talented but you can’t because he is such an awesome actor (his performance in Moneyball was superb) and I don’t mind paying money to see him showcase his skills. I can’t say the same about Adam Sandler.