Continual Forms Of Irritation

I have realized over the time that I have been posting my irregular thoughts through the medium of blogging, that there have been constant themes and recurring characters.

Obviously the purpose of my ramblings was not to keep returning to the same old topics, to keep rehashing opinions on those that wouldn’t know me if I came up and urinated on their shoes but to engage in discourse that seemed to have some sort of direction.

So I have decided that this page can just be a list of people/places/topics that I would rather not talk about…but probably will end up still having to consider in order to bring balanced opinion to a World that becomes more unbalanced every day.

So just to kick things off (and in no particular order);

  • France,
  • American Football
  • Sarah Palin
  • Reality TV, Fox News
  • Justin Bieber
  • pointless remakes of classic movies, even-more pointless remakes of rubbish movies,
  • Lady Gaga,
  • the realization that Dunkin Donuts coffee is undrinkable
  • The X Factor – not Simon Cowell, him I like.
  •  the illusion of freedom
  • the death of Princess Diana, the price of petrol
  • Netflix, the continued unwanted changes to Facebook,
  • the steady flow of invitations from Capital One to increase my personal debt,
  • the films of Adam Sandler,
  • the role of the UK in shaping the world (really sorry if you thought we invaded, especially contrite if we did)
  •  the reasons why being World Champions of a Sport normally means competing against the Rest of the World.
  • cab drivers that talk loudly on their phones while driving you to your destination
  • packaging
  • people who can’t be bothered to take their shopping carts back
  • movie theaters that don’t warm up their nacho cheese
  • John Terry (former England football captain, current Chelsea FC captain, alleged racist, serial adulterer, son of a convicted shoplifter)
  • God
  • anything to do with the gridlock in Congress
  • the performance of Barrack Obama since his re-election in 2012
  • North Korea – random, but there is literally no information
  • the non-performance of the England football team at the World Cup (a competition between competing nations to be held in Brazil)

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