Here comes Honey Boo Boo…John Logie Baird turns in his grave

10 09 2012

If you were to sit down in a pub with your mates at this moment in time, the chances are that your conversation over the next few hours would cover a lot of subjects.

Most would be related to sport, sex or politics. In some cases, a combination of all three.

You might talk about how religion should not be the reason why you vote for a future President, or discuss why the first song to be transmitted from another planet was by a Black Eyed Pea instead of a Thin White Duke. You could even find out if anyone managed to catch the remake of Total Recall in the 47 hours that it was available in movie theaters.

There could be millions of things to discuss, hundreds of paths to go down, thousands of tangents to follow and several pints to drink.

At some point, either social media or reality TV will make an appearance. Someone will tweet or update their Facebook status, somebody else will check in at the place you are all sitting and there are likely to be pictures taken to be uploaded later as evidence of what a fun night you are all having.

Spoiler Alert: You don’t know what fun is until you have hung out with “Crazy” Tony at the local dump looking for clothes for your teenage daughter in a dumpster. Fun is something that can only be achieved by rolling around in mud, feeding six-year-olds a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew and breaking wind wherever (and whenever) possible.

Welcome to the world of Honey Boo Boo. Read the rest of this entry »

Ferris Bueller was right…more experiments in blogging

24 06 2012

As I was saying…

If you don’t dive into the blogosphere on a regular basis, you can miss stuff. Ferris Bueller knew this, he told us how fast life moves…not as fast as a Ferrari California can when put on raised blocks, ignored for a bit, kicked until the blocks fall over and …you know the rest.

I missed the chance to talk about Internet Protocol Version 6, the creation of millions more addresses that allow devices to access the Internet. We had 4.3 billion set aside in the 1980s, the guardians of the web thought that was enough and then Steve Jobs started coming up with ideas for stuff.

IPv6 gives us 340 undecillion unique addresses — that’s 340 followed by 32 zeroes. I would like to say that I have been counting up to this number for the last three weeks, hence my lack of Limeyviewing but that would be a lie.

Instead I have been working full time. Read the rest of this entry »

Has it only been three weeks?

2 06 2012

Taking a break from the blogosphere is like missing out on episodes on your favorite television program or letting your weekly magazines form a dusty pile in the corner of the room.

21 days may not seem like much time to be off the grid (especially when you consider that most Brits think two weeks on the Costa Del Sol in August is a “nice long holiday”) but it’s really easy to let the act of regular blogging slip through your fingers and that time wasted on other “physical” pursuits can never be virtually retrieved.

I admit that I don’t follow the golden rules of web-logging.

Sometimes I flood the web with my random thoughts and commentary on life’s mysteries, other times I ignore it like you would do a crying child on a long-haul flight – you know it’s there, you think you should acknowledge it with some sort of irritated stare/comment but it’s a lot easier to bung your headphones on and blank it out completely.

The other problem is that when you don’t sit down on a regular basis and get your thoughts down, you run the risk of missing the chance to pass “informed” judgement on things that are going on in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Print Isn’t Dead…I have Proof!

12 04 2012

We are sad to announce (again) that Print is dead.

It passed away quietly at home (again), surrounded by friends and family who mourned the passing of a medium that had been in existence since just after the dinosaurs woke up to find out they were having a really bad day. A victim of new technology, it’s contribution to the world was no longer deemed necessary or relevant. The simple act of turning a page and taking time to consider the content had been replaced by a generation of users who preferred to scroll and click or even to swipe a moist finger over a pixelated screen.

But hold the front page…print ISN”T dead. There are signs of life, the corpse is twitching…and has been for some considerable time.

It’s alive…

How do I know this? Read the rest of this entry »

Sequels, Remakes and Sandler; A Limey Re-View of Cinema in 2011

30 12 2011

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 was the year of the Rabbit although the general theme of the year was anything but fluffy.

2011 was the year when protests swept the globe, from the long-expected uprisings during the Arab Spring to the wholesale occupation of public spaces by a motley assortment of people who were fed up of being the 99 percent.

This post is not going to focus on those grievances. Mainly because I have already commented on them but the real reason is that they don’t fit in with my Rabbit motif that I want to apply to the wonderful world of cinema.

We all know that the humble rabbit has a fondness for continual and indiscriminate mating. Bunnies like to… bunnies, they are at it all year and produce offspring on a regular basis. Not all of these will be well received, some will last for a very short time but there will be enough of them that the species will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.

Movies are like that. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world or whether anyone is watching, but films are churned out on a regular basis and some of them even make it into movie theaters. Read the rest of this entry »

Television in the Fall; Depressingly Familiar.

21 09 2011

Summer is over, Fall is here.

That means that the baseball season is coming to an end, the NFL will occupy the eyeballs of the Nation and that Boston Bruins will soon get the chance to hoist the Championship banner above the TD Garden.

But if you don’t like sport – and I assume that some people don’t – then there is a full schedule of new and returning TV programs to get excited/apathetic about.

Viewers will be able to experience the excitement and glamor of air travel with Pan Am, enjoy another zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead, endure the American version of Prime Suspect, wipe Michael Scott from their minds with Season 147 of The Office, find out that Hugh Hefner was only the public face of the real power in The Playboy Club, be scared by dinosaurs in Terra Nova and watch Simon Cowell destroy dreams in The X Factor.

And most important of all, see whether Two & A Half Men can survive without Charlie. Read the rest of this entry »

Rebels Without a Cause; Recreational Rioting Damages the EPL Brand

13 08 2011

The following piece was also posted on Love Spurs/Live Spurs, the football/soccer blog that I contribute to on an irregular basis. Normally it is just about how much I dislike certain players but the events of the last week have cast a large shadow on an area of London that I know quite well. Apologies to those who may have already received or read this through the joys of social media.

I am not where I want to be.

At this moment in time I should be in a bar in Boston watching the first game of the new season, a pint of IPA in my hand and wearing whatever retro shirt I deemed suitable for the occasion. There should be discussions going on about possible signings and why Jenas has not been sold, about whether selling Robbie to LA Galaxy means we get Becks in return (or Landon Donovan) and the atmosphere should be one of barely restrained tension.
At the very least I could be sitting on my couch watching the game with a cup of tea and a biscuit.