U.S. electorate embraces Sanity…for 24 hours at least

7 11 2012

So that is it…it’s all over.

Forty-seven years of campaigning, $47 trillion billion spent and the creation of a carbon footprint that may take some shifting for future generations.

Mitt lost, Obama won. Donald Trump got annoyed and Fox News had to break the news to Karl Rove that  the projections in battleground states were probably right.

Sanity seemed to prevail in the end as millions of voters decided that Mitt wasn’t the right option and that they would stick with the bloke with the nice smile instead.

Well done.

In the cold light of day, it could be the correct choice…but only time will tell. Happily for Obama, he can now start planning for the future and preparing himself for a fresh batch of refusals from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

That is where my euphoria at Mitt not getting elected kinda fizzles out. Because in the cold light of day, it seems to this jaded political junkie that we are in the same position as we were six months ago.

Yes, the Senate now has more women and the House of Representatives has had a bit of a clear-out, but  the Republicans have control of one and the Democrats boss the other. Which worked really well when the President was trying to get legislation passed in his first term.

And now he has really pissed off the Republicans by winning…again. Not just winning, but doing it without the need for the circus to carry on into the legal arena and even while Florida apparently still remains undecided…

So, while I am pleased that the sight of Mitt thanking Ann (again) on the White House balcony is not likely to happen in the near future, I just can’t get excited about the next four years…which is a shame, because for 37 minutes last night, I was glued to my television set waiting to see which media organization would admit defeat/celebrate re-election first.

I will give you a clue…it wasn’t the BBC.

Time to get back to real life…something that Mittens obviously wasn’t expecting.




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