Mitt Romney and Sam Malone, never seen in the same room…

23 09 2012

As a committed insomniac, any chance I get to dream is always welcome but when they recur…not so much.

My dream isn’t as grand as Martin Luther King or as incredible as the one Victoria Principal had in Dallas, but it won’t go away.

It’s star is the Voice of the People, Mittens Romney.

For some reason, Mitt (or Cuddlebucket as he seems to be known over the hours that this vision seems to take place) is staying at my house. For reasons that never become clear, he is lodging in my spare room and – very occasionally – making me a cup of tea. Being Mitt, he is surrounded by an entourage of security people and what look like the grey aliens that occasionally visit the planet.

He doesn’t really do anything, he tells me what to do, we talk about anything apart from politics (he is a big fan of Simon Cowell) and every day we go out for “a decent cup of coffee”…which Mitt believes can only be purchased at Dunkin Donuts. Then it all gets a bit strange.

Whenever we walk into DD, Mitt morphs into Sam Malone. Every single time.

One minute I am walking alongside a man who is well known for piling debt onto companies and a life-long member of the 1 percent, when suddenly I am standing in line with a fictional character who found that running a bar in Boston was harder than he thought. But who had some people skills.

My problem is that in my waking hours, I see Mitt and hear Sam. Then I watch Cheers and can’t get past the image of Mittens serving beer to Norm and listening to Cliff.

It’s really quite disturbing.

Which is exactly how the last few weeks have been for lovers of political debate and the slow crawl to the White House that is due to (hopefully) finish sometime in November.

It would be fair to say that Mitt and his cheerleaders – or Fox News as they have branded themselves – have not had an easy ride over the last few days. Despite every attempt by the GOP to make Romney a person that normal people can like and possibly vote for, the candidate just keeps putting not only his foot but his entire leg into his caviar-stained mouth. Mitt has been rebooted so many times that the electorate have no idea what operating system is the one at fault.

He has proved himself to be out of touch with so many people that he might as well try to conduct his campaign from Superman’s fortress of solitude. I can understand if his foreign footing is a little unsteady (after all, Bain Capital made sure that it was American companies that were leveraged and piled high with debt) but when you manage to insult nearly 50 percent of the country that you hope to run, then alarm bells start ringing.

This week, Mitt proved himself to be the “man from nowhere” that Matt Taibi brilliantly described him as in a recent Rolling Stone piece. Taibi calls Mitt “the frontman and apostle of an economic revolution, in which transactions are manufactured instead of products, wealth is generated without accompanying prosperity, and Cayman Islands partnerships are lovingly erected and nurtured while American communities fall apart.”

The release of a video shot surreptitiously in May at a $50,000 a head meal that allowed people to see the real Mitt showed exactly why the American electorate need to think very carefully about who they give the White House Keys to…the current tenant, who may not have done all the work on the property that he wanted to or a man who thinks that 47 percent of voters are “never going to vote for him anyway,” because they are all getting money off the government to buy food and live in a house.

The Romney campaign have claimed that their man is the one for the job. That his wealth of business experience and his commitment to job creation will be  enough to pull the country up by its bootstraps and allow everybody the chance to dine on (or near) the top table that Mitt has been sitting at for some time. After four years of “the worst president in history” (according to Sean Hannity of Fox), Mittens is the man to kickstart the recovery and lead us all into the promised kingdoms of glory.

Let me be blunt. Mitt is not the man.

If I am being honest, maybe Obama isn’t the man either but at least he has some clue as to who the people are. The President may not have been able to change the country in the way that it (possibly) needed after 8 years of Republican mis-rule, but I would rather see him get another chance to put things right then see a man like Romney take charge. He doesn’t have a clue what the country actually needs, responsible and effective leadership that will look at the bigger picture and try to put the ELECTORATE first, not a bunch of over-paid hedge fund managers and the members of the 1 percent who many believe are the ones that screwed us over in the first place.

Put it this way…I would rather the real Sam Malone took charge. At least then we would never run out of beer and chicken wings.

America, the choice is yours.




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2 02 2013

I truly have a tendency to go along with every aspect that is posted in “Mitt Romney and Sam
Malone, never seen in the same room Limeyview”.
Thanks for pretty much all the information.Thanks for the post,Freeman

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