Drinking Beer and Talking Mitt…the perfect Labor Day

4 09 2012



So here we are once more…the “official” end of summer, marked by unashamedly ironic holiday that is known as Labor Day.

A day when the majority of Americans do very little except sit around, chat with friends and neighbors, eat lots of food and drink various strengths of alcohol. If they have a job, working is the last thing on their minds, throwing a football around or catching some guilt-free rays is the primary concern.

How do I know this? Because it is exactly how I spent my day.

It was an easy decision to make. Spend my day catching up with all the news that I had missed in the last few days or sit down with a bunch of people that I don’t know that well, eat some grilled meat (and a small amount of salad) and explain why Mittens Romney is not the man for the job.

Irrespective of how “likeable” the GOP have tried to make him in the last week.

That is the most worrying thing, not that the electorate are being presented with a prospective President that has issues with understanding normal people but that we are being asked to overlook his multi-directional views on issues of importance, his laughable energy plan, his reluctance to reveal just how little tax he has paid, his religious beliefs and his insistence that he will be the one to affect change…because he saved the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

And if we could just ignore the Vulture Capitalist part of his career…that would be swell. Drawing a discreet veil over the universal healthcare system that he implemented in Massachusetts that was “allegedly” the inspiration for Obamacare would also be much appreciated.

Some Republicans think that Mittens and Paul struggle to show their human sides, that if we really got to know them as people, we could see that they want America to succeed and, that after four years, the grouchy socialist that is currently running the country – or trying to – needs to be replaced by a team of warm, cuddly people that care about creating jobs and making sure that we don’t have to rely on wind to power our air-conditioning.

So that’s what they tried to do at the convention…get us to start liking Mitt.

I’ll let you know how that turned out…sometime around November 3.




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