Mitt-watch: Day 4,752

26 08 2012

I’m back…did I miss anything important?

Snooki had a baby, Tom Cruise went for a curry in England, people in some parts of the country were able to watch the new Batman movie without fear of death and the Apple vs Samsung patent infringement trial in California was decided in favor of the American company.

Which was a huge shock.

Lots of news, lots of things going on and lots of things to be concerned about.

Apart, of course, from Mittens choosing Paul Ryan as his “running mate” for the forthcoming (and seemingly never-ending) push for the White House. The problem I have is that I want to write about this but every day that I wake up and think “political commentary needed”, Mitt (or one of the knuckle-scrapping neanderthals that represent the GOP) does something that makes me want to drop him off the top of a very large mountain.

Which is probably banned in some states.

The other thing that has got in the way of my Mitt-watch is life itself. You work, you eat, you use the lavatory and you go to sleep. That’s a fair reflection of my days. And sad to say, Mitt and the Republican party are like buses…you can wait for a while for something dumb to be said and then they all arrive at once.

Next week, Mitt gets anointed as the chosen one at the annual party conference in Florida. This will go on for a week, Hurricane Issac permitting.

The conference will be screened live and we can expect several days of bashing Obama, declaring that the Lord is fully behind Mitt (and Paul, mustn’t forget him) and the inevitable appearance of Sarah Palin…carrying a gun, a freshly killed moose and talking more rubbish than Todd Akin.

To anyone who doesn’t know who Todd Akin is…you are lucky.

I didn’t have a clue who he was until he made some ill-judged and factually incorrect remarks about how the female body deals with rape. His ignorance is so astounding that I feel the need to print his comments again.

If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole [pregnancy] thing down.”

This man is running for Congress. I don’t need to say any more.

But he is not alone. The Republican Party is filled with people like him.

They deny that climate change is happening and they think global warming is something that the liberals have “made up.” They believe that marriage can only be between men and women, they want to prevent immigrants having any real rights (except the ones that clean their pools, mow their lawns or who look after their children) and they are really keen on making sure that the rich don’t pay a high rate of tax.

They are also really quite fond of God.

I am not an American. I am here because I have a green card and when November comes, I will be standing on the sidelines watching the whole circus unfold. Even if I wanted to vote, I can’t because…I am not an American.

But apparently, there are millions of Americans who won’t vote anyway. Conversations I have had in the last few weeks with informed individuals (sitting in the pub, watching the Olympics – which were a triumph, despite Mittens flipflopping his way around the subject) indicate that voter turnout could be less than 50 percent in November.

Less than 50 percent…

If that is the case, then there is a chance that Mitt and his ultra-conservative running mate could find themselves in charge. It’s a truly frightening thought.

Ok, Obama has struggled to make his mark and some of the decisions he has made have been less than popular but this country gave Dubya eight years to screw things up. The very least that Obama deserves is the chance to show what he can do, to actually be allowed to preside as opposed to having to constantly smash his (greying) head against a wall of Republican ignorance and self-interest.

I am not going to mention universal healthcare. I don’t want to talk about the continued dependence on fossil fuel and the fact that the Afghanistan situation is still going on is more depressing than watching the 2012 Red Sox.

But the GOP is not the answer…not at this moment in time. The Democrats have also said and done some dumb things but they appear to be coming from a basic understanding of facts. Mitt will attack the President, Obama will fight back…that is the nature of political debate.

What needs to happen is that the electorate take a long hard look at the last four years and decide if a party led by a man who asset stripped corporations and who is not concerned about the poor is the answer. Then factor in his running mate…a conservative with a capital C who believes that he understands foreign policy because he “voted to send people to war.”

Americans have tough choices to make…I just have to live here.




One response

6 10 2012

You said, “Americans have tough choices to make…I just have to live here.” I can’t imagine how much it must suck to live here and to know that, to some degree, you’re at the mercy of the idiots that make up a good chunk of our voting public. My husband’s from Scotland, a resident alien like yourself, and it drives him nuts that he can’t vote here. We’ve been married 20 years and he’s lived here for 23, and in all that time nothing has pissed him off more than that. I can understand it – I do get to vote and even so, I still feel powerless when I see how many really, REALLY underinformed individuals there are around here. But to not even HAVE a vote, and to be informed and aware of the political situation but unable to participate at all…that’s harsh, no doubt about it.

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