Has it only been three weeks?

2 06 2012

Taking a break from the blogosphere is like missing out on episodes on your favorite television program or letting your weekly magazines form a dusty pile in the corner of the room.

21 days may not seem like much time to be off the grid (especially when you consider that most Brits think two weeks on the Costa Del Sol in August is a “nice long holiday”) but it’s really easy to let the act of regular blogging slip through your fingers and that time wasted on other “physical” pursuits can never be virtually retrieved.

I admit that I don’t follow the golden rules of web-logging.

Sometimes I flood the web with my random thoughts and commentary on life’s mysteries, other times I ignore it like you would do a crying child on a long-haul flight – you know it’s there, you think you should acknowledge it with some sort of irritated stare/comment but it’s a lot easier to bung your headphones on and blank it out completely.

The other problem is that when you don’t sit down on a regular basis and get your thoughts down, you run the risk of missing the chance to pass “informed” judgement on things that are going on in the world.

In the time since I last posted, I have started a new job and have returned to the race of rats.

Full-time employment doesn’t give you a lot of time to get blogging (despite the fact that my new position requires me to sit in front a PC, sift through vast amounts of content and re-source it for other purposes) but the 9-5 is only a tiny part of the barriers to personal content creation. Commuting takes a toll on the body as does getting up early and returning home (on average) 12 hours later.

Yes, the media landscape is spread out in front of me and yes. I could probably spare five minutes to revel in the fact that Mitt Romney will be bringing his people skills to the 2012 Election or even to chortle over the whole Facebook IPO fiasco (that’s a post for another day, when the dust has settled and the “favoured clients” who thought that they were being clever by investing early, suddenly find that their social media stock is worth slightly less than their privileged advisors led them to believe).

But instead I have been spending the last 21 days either hanging out in England with my family, fuming over the injustice of Chelsea winning the Champions League, marveling at The Avengers, watching Radiohead  or writing about hydraulic fracturing and renewable energy sources as part of my new direction.

I have said it before and I will say it again, news happens. All the time.

Even when you are having a kip on the couch after a difficult day of fracking research or finding a polite way to describe Goldman Sachs that doesn’t include the phrase “a vampire squid (© Matt Taibi) sticking it’s slimy tentacles into areas that it has no business to be involved with.” FYI, I am not a big fan of Goldman Sachs, finding out that they were involved in the Facebook fuck-up didn’t surprise me (it just made me think about all the little investors who continue to get screwed by the 1 percent).

News doesn’t stop just because you don’t have the time to fully absorb it. It doesn’t take a holiday, it doesn’t kick back on the patio with a cold beer and a packet of crisps. News won’t come knocking on your door to ask if it can borrow you for a while and news never has to take the dog for a walk.

If you miss 21 days of breaking news, it becomes history. History that probably won’t be repeated…and the only way to catch up is by using search engine algorithms to find out what the frack is going on and does it make a significant difference to your continued existence.

But on the plus side…there will be more news tomorrow.

I might even take the time to write about it.

That is the least I can do to keep my corner of the blogosphere ticking over…until I get distracted again by the real world.




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