Has It Only Been Fifty Years?

12 05 2012

Fifty years ago today, my Mum and Dad got married. May 12, 1962…in a small church in Barnet, with a small ceremony.

I know that I don’t normally use this blog for anything other than cynical reflections on politics, religion and pop culture but in a world that increasingly fails to understand the true nature of partnership, my parents have been together since they met at a Church Hall towards the end of the 1950’s.

They were married before man walked on the moon, before Concorde took to the skies and when the Berlin Wall was still a symbol of the Cold War. They have seen Presidents fall and colonies become independent. They were man and wife before the Internet became the trendy way to find your perfect partner, they didn’t need a computer to rate their compatibility… they just knew.

Fifty years is a long time…unless you get to share it with the right person.

So I am raising a virtual glass to them on their special day. May there be many more.




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