And Did Those Feet…

23 04 2012

It’s St. Georges Day.

Across the water, my fellow Englishmen are raising a pint of warm beer or a glass of chemically-enhanced lager to celebrate the only part of the Union that doesn’t have a devolved government.

It’s probably raining, it will be cold and after a few hours of drinking, the English will head home with a curry in one hand and a kebab in the other (we like to have choices…).

There will be no idiots in Green, the streets won’t be running with Guinness and most of the world won’t even realise that today is special.

And that’s just how we want it. You can keep St. Patricks Day and all the Scottish celebrations. Feel free to enjoy July 4 in your own way, we bear no ill-thoughts or covet what we once had.

April 23 is about remembering a bloke called George and his fight with a dragon. If it wasn’t for him, then the country would have been overwhelmed with huge lizards breathing fire…or Essex girls as they are now known.

I shall be thinking of George, even though I am a long way away from my green and pleasant land.





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