The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World…

13 04 2012

I have a dream…

This was printed in the Independent (UK) newspaper, 12 April 2012.

When I heard that Rick Santorum had pulled out on Tuesday, I thought that this would be the end and Mittens would now be endorsed by the two remaining candidates for the Republican nomination. The end of the line, the winner of the belt, the biggest of all the Republican cheeses, the undisputed leader of the anti-Obama world and the man to lead America into a horribly familiar future.

But alas, I jumped the gun. As did the cartoonist.

After all, how can Mitt decide which direction to stick his finger in the air today if he only has one arm!

The race to the nomination continues…it’s going to be Mitt but there will be no victors in this battle. That is the only thing that we know for certain.





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