Sixty Years On The Throne; Long May She Reign

6 02 2012

Sixty years ago a young lady ascended to a position of power just as the country that she was born to rule was going through some enforced changes.

The Empire was showing signs of wear and tear, the natives were still recovering from a brutal conflict that had claimed the lives of millions and the death of King George VI came at a time when questions were being asked about the continued role of the Monarchy in a rapidly modernizing nation.

Princess Elizabeth was 25 years old, married to a man of no financial standing who was a foreigner. She had been groomed to replace her father but when he died, the young princess had to assume the throne with the same stoic attitude that could be considered as aloof by her new citizens.

Sixty years on, only Queen Victoria has ruled the Commonwealth for longer than Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled with a steady hand and a fantastic collection of hats. She has had to put up with all kinds of nonsense from her spouse and her children.

She has lived through royal divorces, the death of a princess and a grandson who thought it was funny to go to a fancy dress party as a Nazi. I don’t know whether she ever saw Helen Mirren’s portrayal of her but I like to think that it is in the DVD collection at one of her residences and I am fairly certain that she is not a big fan of the Sex Pistols song about her.

But without wanting to sound flippant, Liz rules.

She is the only member of the Royal Family that I have any time for, I hope that sits on the throne for a long time to come. Because although I live in the USA, Elizabeth II is my Queen.

Congratulations again ma’am, enjoy your diamond jubilee year – especially as we have the Olympics to look forward to as well!




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