Live From The Pub – it’s Limeybowl!

5 02 2012


Testing, testing, 1-2-3…can you turn up the volume, can you make sure that the beer is cold, the snacks are warm and that Tom Brady has washed his hair in the right shampoo?

With just under an hour to go until the Superbowl kicks off, it is probably safe to assume that most people in New England are a little nervous. Same goes for this Limey, I am going to attempt to blog about this game in a bar full of people who understand the game of American Football.

I (as I have stated many time before) do not. But just for today, I am going to try.

I will attempt to understand the advantages of using a nose tackle, the right time to try for a field goal and the full significance of gronking.

There are serious questions to ponder; will Tom B step up and play the sort of game that we know he can, will the Giants be the team that stops the Patriot engine in it’s tracks, will the Patriots defence be able to cope with the amount of rushing that will go on and will Madonna put on a better half time show than the Black Eyed Peas.

Most importantly, will the adverts be worth watching during the many breaks in play that characterize this popular sport and has Matthew Broderick sullied the name of Ferris Bueller by doing an advert for a brand of car.

The next few hours will tell their own story. I will just do the best with the limited information at my disposal.

This blog will be updated as interesting things happen, there will also be some sort of twittering going on – @sandmandave or @limeyview. Hashtags will be #limeybowldooleys, #limeysbowl and #tombradyshair.

There may even be pictures and guest comments from whoever I am sitting next to at the bar.

Lets get to ready to rumble (or is that just in boxing?)…




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5 02 2012

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This is another experiment, normal service will be resumed…

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