Limeybowl; The Third Quarter…I can hear my couch calling

5 02 2012

NYG 12 NEP 17

Halfway through the third quarter and it is getting quite exciting here in Mr. Dooleys. Madonna warmed up the men in the bar and a succession of amusing commercials have ensured that the amount of alcohol that is being consumed is not being wasted on trying to concentrate on the game.

The Patriots are taking a grip on the game, they score another touchdown and things are looking good. The alcohol is continuing to flow and the hot wings and pork sliders at HT were worth queuing for. Conversations are getting louder and a young lady in a Wes Welker shirt (but without the mustache) is explaining her theory of offensive play as a means of running down the clock.

The commercial breaks continue, each piece of stealth marketing has a celebrity and/or scantily clad females with the Ferris Bueller spoof a personal highlight.

Each successful play by the Patriots is greeted by series of whooping noises and a series of high-fives. Quiet confidence is spreading amongst the fans, there is a feeling that the Pats will be able to bring the trophy home.

And yet…

I can’t get into it. I know that I live in New England and that this is kind of a big deal but the last 30 seconds of actual play have taken nearly ten minutes. I made a decision to leave at the end of the Third so that I could enjoy the game from the comfort of my couch.

Cue another commercial break…is it me or are they getting more regular and longer as the game goes on?

Final thought for third quarter as the Giants push forward – how big is Vince Wilfork!

And just as I type that, two girls in skimpy fancy dress enter the bar…time to go. Thirty seconds left, twenty, ten…

Thanks Mr. Dooleys, it’s been educational.

NYG 15 NEP 17 as I head into the deserted streets…




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