Limeybowl; The Second Quarter

5 02 2012

7:03 Second quarter starts, Patriots get their first points (3) and I am informed that I was wrong with my first game-time blog of the evening – the Giants scored a safety not a field goal. I am still none the wiser.

Here’s a surprise…it’s another commercial break.

7:07 Trying to work out typing shortcuts. NYG 9 NEP 3

7:09 the amount of paper hats has diminished in the bar. A very large bloke for the Patriots (Vince something?) nearly catches the ball when another bloke drops it. Star Wars advert in commercial break.

7:15 Patriots defending. Giants attacking. Someone asks me to enter a sweepstake, I am informed that content posted so far is very dull. Thinking about switching to twitter for Third Quarter.

Commercial break with David Beckham – I know who he is!

This is weird. I am sure that throughout New England there are bars and parties going on, but this has more of a family feel. Not a bad thing.

7:20 Tom Brady doesn’t seem to be having the best game, a failed third down leads to a punt and the game switches back to the offense. Natives getting restless.

Time for a fun Superbowl fact – the Dallas Cowboys have played in 8 Superbowls, the Patriots have played in 7.

7:28 there are four minutes to go in the second quarter. Which means that we are not very far away from the Half Time show with Madonna.

Camera focusses on Rob Gronkowski – who hasn’t been thrown to once so far, but he has run around a lot. Brady throws from his own end zone – not as much fun as it sounds.

7:31 Brady makes a good pass and the Pats advance. The crowd in Dooleys cheers loudly.

Two minutes to half time. Cut to an advert for The Avengers movie and then a sexy girl tells the TV audience that Valentines Day is “not hard”.

7:35 Game still not started again.

Still two minutes to Half Time.

But just before the whistle blows for HT, the Patriots (who haven’t had the ball for much of this game) score a touchdown. To say that the bar erupts in joy would be an understatement – with the exception of the girl in the Giants shirt. High fives, whooping and some noises that grown men shouldn’t be doing in public. New England head into the locker room with a one point lead, everyone in the bar is smiling and a queue forms in Mr. Dooleys for both the free food and restrooms.

Next up…Madonna.




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