Limeybowl : Half Time At The Pub, Enter Her Madgesty

5 02 2012


NYG 9 NEP 10

It’s half-time here and Madonna is performing Vogue. In a bizarre entrance, all I can think is that she has taken inspiration from The Big Lebowski, she looks like Maude as she is pulled into the arena by a troop of oiled Roman soldiers.

During “Music” a man dances around before LMFAO come out to tell Madge that she is “sexy and she knows it”. Cue an almost inevitable cheerleader song that I don’t recognize.

For a 53 year old, Madonna looks OK but this is not what sport is all about. I want to see pundit analysis of the first half, to hear them discussing how the Patriots can play better.

My neighbors in the bar don’t care. They are enjoying seeing Madonna shake her pom poms in a little black dress. More special guests, Cee Lo Green and a gospel choir during “Like A Prayer.”

Free food in the bar and I get given a black teeshirt. People are enjoying themselves, the distractions provided by Her Madgesty have taken away the fact that the Patriots are very lucky to be winning this game. Apparently.

As the musical part of the HT show comes to end, the camera pans back to reveal the words “World Peace” illuminated on the field. Somehow I don’t think this is going to apply to the third and fourth quarters. With only one point in the game at HT, the outcome is still in the balance.

The commentator believes that it will come down to the kickers with conditions in the indoor stadium “ideal for kicking.” How can it be anything less than ideal when you are playing inside? No wind, no chance of the ball getting wet in the rain and it’s going to come down to which team makes the least mistakes.

At the moment, I have no idea which one that will be.

Who wants it more? All I know is that this game is confusing the hell out of me and the bloke who was telling me the rules has gone home.

I may not be too far behind.

Time for the third quarter, two hours after the game kicked off. And the Patriots score another touchdown..the crowd goes wild and we have another commercial break.





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