Live Blogging…By An Englishman…About A Game He Doesn’t Understand…

4 02 2012

This is the plan. Superbowl Sunday I will be blogging live from a pub in Cohasset (where I live).

This is an experiment, I need hashtags (twitterfeed) and comments coming in from people about the “live” blogs that I will post through WordPress – which will appear in realtime on Facebook etc.

I know nothing about the Superbowl, even less about the game, I will need some help. I will be sitting in a bar filled (hopefully) with people who care about the game and the result. It would pointless for me to say at any point that I have any feelings either way. I want the Pats to win, but it will not change my life if they don’t.

BTW…this idea was conceived in about 30 minutes this afternoon at Mr. Dooleys pub in Cohasset – while we watched the Bruins game. Anyway the plan is to blog live tomorrow….

Are you in…or do I need a bigger boat?




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