Searching For Employment is a Full-time Job

9 09 2011

Since arriving in the USA, there have been several things which have become of increasing concern.

My realization that following the Red Sox can be very frustrating, the fact that hamburgers can be a daily food group, the desire to take public transport to locations where none exists (for example; The Gillette Stadium in Foxboro) and the satisfaction felt when watching Jon Stewart reveal the true nature of Fox news.

All of these have come into my life and are now part of my American Dream.

I was also hoping after two years to have some sort of regular employment and the ability to pay for healthcare. In this way, I am no different to many other residents of The Land of the Free – which is not a statement on the Ponzi Scheme that is Social Security (apparently).

But it hasn’t happened yet.

I don’t qualify for any government handouts, have managed to stay healthy (despite the burger diet) and yet the job at Rolling Stone still eludes me.

Happily, it seems that President Obama is also concerned about the millions of people who are also unemployed and last night he made a stirring speech in front of a packed house of fully employed politicians and governmental staff to try to persuade the Congress and the Senate to start doing something to reduce the unemployment levels across the country.

The Democrats applauded and the Republicans sat in their chairs and did nothing. Neither of these responses were anything new.

BO was in full lets-try-and-work-together mode, everyone else was mentally deciding on their fantasy NFL team for the weekend.

Already, the media has proclaimed that it’s impossible to bridge our differences,” the president said, “And maybe some of you have decided that those differences are so great that we can only resolve them at the ballot box.”

But know this: The next election is 14 months away. And the people who sent us here – the people who hired us to work for them – they don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months.

Obama is correct, the unemployed don’t have the luxury of waiting. Most people need something to happen before Christmas and knowing that their elected representatives are quite happy to run down the clock until the 2012 Election should make them seriously pissed off.

At the very least, some sort of protest should be organized in states that have high levels of unemployment. A peaceful march to highlight the desperate state that some people are in.

But it won’t. Because there are jobs out there. And they know it. You just need to work harder to find the right one.

And that means sifting through the hundreds of websites that offer jobs and the thousands of positions just waiting to be filled on Craigslist, that all sound as if they might be willing to actually interview you if you send in a resume or are willing to work for nothing.

I look at job sites every day. Every single day.

I apply through the convenient means of the internet, send my resume, write an engaging cover letter and 9 times out of ten, receive no response at all from these people who are desperate for somebody to come and make the tea on a regular basis.

Think I’m joking? I actually thought about applying for the position of a Twitter/Facebook ghost writer that I found on Craigslist, mainly because the position sounded so inviting. It read;

I’m looking for someone to ghost write my tweets and FB updates. I have a lot of friends and followers but I often lack the time to be creative and witty. 

You will send me clever things to post on my pages so that I will appear hip, funny, in-the-know. An overall fun guy that people want to hear from and be friends with.
I will pay based on number of tweets/posts I use ($2 per via paypal)
To be considered, please send 10 sample tweets so I can see your style and if it matches my persona.
I am male, 32 yrs old, single so write from that point of view.
My subjects of interest: life in Boston, food, music, movies, funny observations, current events, politics (I tend to lean left politically)
I don’t have any pets.

And then I stopped, sat back in my chair, had some tea and thought better of it.

$2 to tweet on behalf of someone who doesn’t have the time to be “creative and witty”, $2 to make his FB status appear “hip, funny, in-the-know”. The position requires samples to be sent so that the “overall fun guy” can decide whether you are worthy of matching his persona and making him sound interesting.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he claims to “lean left politically”, I would have just assumed that he was a Republican.

But at least he is willing to offer a job to someone. The ones that sat in silence as the President of the United States tried yet again to get a positive reaction don’t care about the people without jobs, don’t care that the country is in serious trouble and that the American Dream is just another nightmare.

The only person they want to see lose his job lives in the White House and they are more than content to spend the next fourteen months sitting on their backsides while American citizens and residents without the luxury of full time, subsidized employment keep searching for the opportunity to work.

But then I suppose that is what they are paid for.





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