The Land of the Free and the Home of the Cave

2 08 2011

Three years ago, the Democrats had to choose to between two individuals as to who would be sent into battle against the retreating forces of the Republicans.

The road to this moment in time had been long and hard with both candidates not averse to disputing whether the other would be fit to lead the country in the event of being elected by the US public.

Even if the aging Republican nomination and his Mama Grizzly running mate seemed like the insane chance for a country that was beginning to realize the true legacy of George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton – wife of a man who struggled to keep his Johnson in his boxer shorts –  had been critical of her opponent ‘s approach to leading the country saying that “none of the problems we face will be easily solved. Now, I could stand up here and say, ‘Let’s just get everybody together. Let’s get unified. The sky will open. The light will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.'”

Three years later, it is hard to admit but perhaps Hillary might have been right.

Barack Obama has not been the leader that we hoped. And that is putting it mildly.

Mrs Clinton had stepped aside in June 2008, leaving the field for the Illinois Senator to run against John McCain and the most famous person from Alaska, the country went to the polls in November and history was made when the first mixed-race President was elected in waves of euphoria and hope.

Yes We Can was the rallying call, with nobody realizing at the time that there was a group of resentful people who would be saying No You Can’t.

Barack Obama formally took office in January 2009 – which is less than three years ago, despite numerous people claiming that he has been in power for that amount of time (another reason why it is so hard to understand how these people walk and talk at the same time when understanding a calendar seems beyond their grasp).

We all know that he inherited a Pandora’s Box of shit from the previous administration, that he was not a popular choice of President from the Right, that he was some sort of liberal socialist/Maoist/communist reformer who would stop at nothing to control people’s lives, force them to accept healthcare reform (that they didn’t want), withdraw brave troops from two wars and hand control back to his Muslim brotherhood, that his idea of Government was to try to persuade billionaires to pay more tax and to prevent big business from making the profits they had worked so hard for.

But he was the President. The Leader of the Free World. The Big Cheese. Commander-in-Chief and Head Honcho.

He was going to be around for at least four years, bathing in the contented glow of public expectation.

Less than three years later, the glow is coming from a toxic dump created by a inexplicably resurgent GOP and a grass-roots political organization that has hated “Blackie McBlackman” (© Bill Maher) since before he was nominated.

To be fair to the Tea Party, they have shown a determination in pushing their own agenda that Obama would do well to study.

BO thinks he has been “shellacked” and  that he has been forced into situations that are not “the one he would have preferred”.  He has signed some legislation (all of which is so diluted from the original intent that it can be labelled Legislation-Lite) but on the whole, the most impressive thing he has done since taking office is his ability to change his hair color from black to grey and back again.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of  the word ‘disappointment’ just reads Barack Obama.

His latest example of being willing to take Republican legislation up his rear end comes with the lengthy debate on the debt ceiling and the possibility that the USA will not be able to pay its bills, have its credit rating reduced and be left with red faces all round.

As I write this, a bill is being discussed in the Senate to stop this from happening after Congress approved the “deal” last night. The fact that after weeks of political posturing and pathetic in-fighting, the situation might be avoided at the last-minute was as predictable as Amy Winehouse being found dead before the age of 30.

The Bill leans in favor of what the Republicans (and the Tea Party) want, seems to ignore what the Democrats believe is the right way to deal with the economy and encourages government cuts while not increasing taxes.

It is not what the President wanted to achieve, not what he believed was the way forward.

But unless something spectacular happens in the Senate, he will sign it into law.

Clutching a pen between the cheeks of his buttocks while being pelted with basketballs. Which are the only spherical objects he seems to still own.

November 2008 seems a very long time ago.




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