Here Comes The Summer…

3 07 2011

Disturbing my peace.

Summer is finally here and just in time for the annual celebration of independence that will see millions of Americans feasting on roasted meats and drinking beer.

The arrival of the hot weather has been marked by several things.

Inappropriate displays of flesh by all ages and sizes, a lack of any sport on television apart from baseball, the smell of bbq, politicians desperate to appear on television in casual clothing and the constant presence of really annoying (and possibly pointless) insects – if there is a God, then please could there be an explanation as to why he/she felt the need to invent mosquitoes.

For some unknown reason, the mere appearance of the sun is enough to persuade people that walking down the street in tiny shorts or with your shirt off is an acceptable activity and not limited to the beach.

Gentlemen see no problem in parading their six-packs – or, in most cases, their beer barrel – to the general public and ladies are happy to dress in skimpy summer dresses or (for the younger generation) a series of hot pants that barely cover the posterior.

I get it.

The weather is warm and you want to be comfortable after hiding your toned body under a succession of heavy jumpers and coats during the long winter months. If animals can shed their winter coats, then why should humans be forbidden from displaying their skin? How else can a natural tan be achieved if the flesh is covered?

That is not what I have a problem with.

Summer means less clothes and less inhibition. There are people who live in hot countries all year round who have no word for sweater in their language. Being out in the sun is a pleasurable experience and one that should be grabbed at every opportunity – or at the very least until sweating begins and you beat a hasty retreat to the sanctity of the air-conditioning.

No, my problem is that the ratio of attractive exposed flesh to what you actually want to see in a supermarket or walking down a city street is completely skewed.

Ok, you want to wear a bikini in the summer or a pair of shorts. That is your right –one that some people don’t have in other countries – and I am not going to stop you from doing that but do you have to push a shopping cart around in your beachwear? Is it really necessary to go to Starbucks in a pair of swimming shorts? Do you have to display every tattoo you have when you are filling the car with gas?

The summer is for everybody, being comfortable in the sun is down to personal choice but when you leave the comfort of your air-conditioned house and you are not intending to go to the beach or to sit by a swimming pool supping a cool beverage, then just think about whether everybody else deserves to see your pale, pasty flesh.

Especially if all you are doing is shopping for vegetables.




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