Hallmark Card Day #1: The Annual Love Celebration.

14 02 2011

Today is Valentines Day.

A huge day in the calendar for men and women, boys and girls, lovers of romance, florists and Hallmark.

Wikipedia describes it as “an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions“.

I describe it as another chance for greeting card companies, stuffed animal producers, chocolatiers and global florists to start the first quarter of the financial year in the black. Across the world, restaurants will be waiting for swarms of lovebirds to enter their establishments and sit gazing “lovingly” at each other over a set menu with a glass of warm champagne.

I will not be joining them. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.

Mainly because not everybody in the world has access to an “intimate companion”. There are millions of single people who have nobody to share this day with, no-one to buy them flowers or ridiculous stuffed animals. They will get cards from kindly relatives (or from their dog) because February 14 is the one day when their lonely existence is shoved down their throats in a shower of hearts and declarations of undying affection.

Statistics show that Valentine’s Day has a higher than average suicide rate, a sobering thought that many can’t take the public displays of affection that characterize this annual love-fest. But every year, the stores remove their Christmas stock and replace it with heart-shaped boxes and all manner of gifts for that special someone in our lives. Once today is over, the next big Hallmark day is Easter followed by Mothers Day – another chance for the retailers to prove just how much they love giving us the opportunity to spend money.

So I would like to thank my wife for this year insisting that we only get cards and have a quiet evening in. That is why I love her.

But if you decide to spend the evening with the one you love, I hope that it is everything you feel it needs to be. After all, tomorrow is just another day that you can ruin a perfectly good relationship by doing or saying the wrong thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.




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14 02 2011
Esperanza Spalding | Tree In

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