Falling in Love is not just Hard on the Knees

16 08 2010

There comes a time when you have to admit that individuals that you fell in love with are no longer making your heart beat faster. It’s even worse when you have actually given those individuals every chance to make things better.

I have experienced this loss on too many levels in my young(ish) life; my favorite football player being sacked as manager first of England and then my club, the misery of Star Wars:The Phantom Menace, ‘St.Anger by Metallica’, Jersey Girl, Alien Resurrection, Spiderman 3, John Lydon advertising butter/Iggy Pop endorsing car insurance, the England football team.

I could go on.

Every time that I look in the mirror......

But on Saturday night, one of the first rock bands that I listened to after my conversion from synth music, managed to firmly shut the door on any lingering hopes that I had.

Aerosmith @ Fenway Park, Boston.

Boston’s very own Toxic Twins playing at, arguably, the home of baseball. A hometown gig in front of 40,000 fans and the chance to redeem themselves for the lacklustre performance that I witnessed at Hyde Park in July, 2007. In the pouring rain. Standing next to a group of girls who “really hope they play the song from that film with Bruce Willis in it.”

On that day, not even the appearance of Run DMC for ‘Walk This Way’ could make up for the MTV-friendly rubbish that they served up – with the exception of Seasons of Wither, Sweet Emotion, Dream On and Draw The Line.

Ironically as I left Hyde Park that day, I had decided that enough was enough and that I would ‘draw the line’ at ever seeing Aerosmith again live. Even when they headlined Donnington this year (after there had been rumours that the band were looking for a new singer and that Joe Perry was fed up with Steven Tyler falling off the wagon), I left the arena because I HAD TICKETS FOR FENWAY PARK and I didn’t want to go there with a negative attitude.

I was actually looking forward to the gig,  I saw the set lists of previous shows on this tour and I thought to myself : Hometown Gig, surely something special?

Sadly, no.

To be fair, it wasn’t as bad as Hyde Park. It was a beautiful evening, J.Geils Band were supporting – even though I only knew ‘Centerfold’ – and Aerosmudge played some good songs (Train Kept A Rollin, Rag Doll, SE, DO and DTL) but they performed 4 covers and the soppy MTV-endorsed fare that had put me off them in the late 90’s. But it wasn’t what it should have been, a celebration of what made them one of the best bands in the world in front of a Boston crowd.

At the end of gig, Steven Tyler said “Boston, you gave us the guts to go out and eat the world and we did.”

Shame that Aerosmith didn’t have the guts to play the music that made them famous, the music that I fell in love with and which still sits on my iPod.

Not playing ‘Seasons of Whither’ or ‘Mama Kin’ at Fenway Park? Pissing around with a Joe Perry Guitar Battle with his video-game avatar? Only performing for just under 2 hours? Disgraceful in some ways, to be expected in another but I don’t want to throw my toys out of the attic.

I have to thank them for their performance, because I know I can close the door and let them go. They were one of my first loves, but I have memories of other gigs (Hammersmith Odeon on the Pump tour 1989, Wembley Arena in 1993, Wembley Stadium 1999) which remind me of how great they were.

At least I could say “I was there”. I even bought the T-shirt.




One response

17 08 2010

boo hoo, lighten up!!! The show was pretty good, but I agree, Aerosmith could have sang better songs but they seem to want to keep every age group satisfied. When Tyler ended up on top of Green Monster in front of a ream white piano singing “Dream On” I bet you had no idea where he was, did you?
JGeils & Peter Wolf proved to be much better “Live” performers than Aerosmith but Steven Tyler is still the ultimate “Rock Star” You guys across the pond have (had) Jagger, Freddy Mercury, Daltrey, EJ,etc but in the great USA Steve Tyler may be the best front man of them all. When he first enters the stadium (arena) it is still bone-chilling to see if first is he alive, sober, & what he is wearing. He palys to the crowd as well as anybody but Mercury. He was above & beyond the best ever front man.

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