Random Irritations can often dampen enthusiasm

29 07 2010

Just some of the items that seem to annoy me as the hot weather brings out my grouchy side :

The reset button on the back of my CISCO router that requires nothing bigger than a cocktail stick to use. Surely the reset button should be slightly bigger

Continual letters from Chase Bank/Capital One offering me the chance to get into more debt. If I haven’t responded yet, what makes them think that this time will be the one?

Average IQ is yet to be determined.

The idiots on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Never seen it and having now read an interview in Rolling Stone with Snooki, J-Woww and The Situation, I can only think that Andy Warhol was so right.

Curry houses in Boston asking how hot would you like a vindaloo or jalfrezi. I want it to be vindaloo or jalfrezi hot.

Different shoe sizes between USA and UK. Am 9 in the UK, naturally assumed when you go into a shoe shop and you ask for a 9, you will not have to spend 20 minutes squeezing your foot into “comfortable” shoes and then walking around the store in considerable pain. Only for the assistant to say, “did you mean a UK 9? That’s a 10 here.”

The post office overstuffing my small mailbox with junk mail, Victoria’s Secret catalogues and packages that are obviously too big for the space and then sending actual letters back to the sender with the words “unable to deliver” stamped upon them.

Rubbish nachos at cinemas – cheese, no salsa and asking for jalapenos is deemed a  “special request”.

Adverts on BBC America – even on “limited commercial” shows like Dr. Who.

That Metal Show on VH1 talking about music and showing NO videos. Although Eddie Trunk is quite funny.

When you are asked in a shop whether you want your goods in a bag and you respond in the negative because

  1. there are far too many plastic bags in the world
  2. all you are doing is transfering said goods to another bag

and then being handed your purchases in a bag is quite annoying.

Train delays being explained as signal problems until you get on the train, leave the station, travel for 2 miles and then sit still for 50 minutes due to engine problems. Make up your mind what is the reason for a 4 hour journey taking 7 1/2.

When the train service is cancelled and replaced by buses, why is it called a Train Replacement Service? It is the buses that have stepped up to the plate and provided the replacement transport.

Cyclists. Doesn’t matter what city you live in, they obey their own rules of the road. In other words, None.

Mosquitos. Pointless and if the world was created by God, then why couldn’t he have rested on the day that he thought that these annoying summer pests would make a useful contribution to the animal kingdom.

Being told that America “runs on Dunkin” when it comes to coffee.. The only thing that Dunkin Donuts coffee does for me is make me run to the toilet quicker.

Stay tuned, there may be more……….




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