If today was your last day……..

7 07 2010

It is my birthday today. 42 years on this mortal coil.

Cake and presents and hoopla and stuff.

But 5 years ago, 4 young men came to London with a different agenda and changed the significance of this day.

Terror on the Underground

Motivated by Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War, they entered the London Underground and, at rush hour, carried out a co-ordinated suicide bombing attack. 52 innocent people died, 700 were injured and 7/7 became a date synoymous with terror.

I was lucky, I didn’t know anyone who was killed that day but I will always remember spending the day waiting for news and waiting for my friends to come home. Or to the pub.

So today, I raise a glass to the innocent people who died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Life is fragile, we should never forget that.




2 responses

7 07 2010

I’d like to say many happy returns mate, but now you’ve reminded me of the other anniversary this date holds, I’m not so sure ‘happy returns’ is the correct phrase. How about, cheers?!

Hope you had a good journey home. Was great to see you again. Speak soon. And remember… she bought a bottle of ciiiiider….



7 07 2010
Anthony Carlson

My glass is raised as well to you and your countrymen. Have a happy birthday and enjoy a beautiful, albeit hot, day in Boston.

I am not young enough to know everything. — Oscar Wilde

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