Independence Day : Not just a rubbish Will Smith movie.

4 07 2010

As an unofficially appointed representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I would like to use this forum to wish my American friends a happy Independence Day.

We All Strive For Independence

Obviously in the UK, Sunday 4th July 2010 will be remembered for 2 things:

  1. Rafael Nadal winning the Mens Singles title at Wimbledon
  2. The lack of World Cup action as the competition draws to a close.

On a personal note, it is my Grandmother’s birthday today and although I know that she won’t read this blog, I am thinking of her as she celebrates 92 years of continued existence since her birth in 1918.

Which was coincidently the year the First World War ended and approximately 13 years after Las Vegas was founded.

But if you live in America, this is a day to celebrate (as opposed to give thanks).

On July 4th, 1776, a nation became independent of the financial constraints that had been imposed by an overseas power and became self-reliant. Every year since then, this momentous event in American history has been celebrated with fireworks and community gatherings to raise a glass to the visionaries that established the country as an independent state which was no longer subordinate to the whims of a parent entity.

Independence, Autonomous, Self-Governing, Self-Reliant and Self-Sufficient.

At the time, I imagine that the powers-that-be in their corpulent surroundings in London were probably gently dismayed that the War of Independence had not gone to plan, and that a country which offered so much promise as a Colony was now an independent, free-thinking state.

They were hoping that it would all end in tears, and that the call would come back to the Mother Country to come and help out.

History shows that this didn’t happen and in 1812, the two countries were engaged in a short war which ended in an American victory – although the Brits were more concerned with dealing with Napoleon and his determination to rid himself of short-persons syndrome.

But a victory for the USA, none the less, and one which showed that the country was more than able to take its place on the global stage.

For that, this Resident Alien can only say “Well Done”, “Top Notch” and “Three Cheers”. I shall be raising a glass to you all, all of those that made the Land of the Free the global power that it became and the benchmark for what can be achieved against what seemed huge odds.

I just wonder what would happened if you hadn’t thrown away the tea and been granted representation.

The USA might have even won the World Cup by now.

But then soccer is such a stupid game, the country is better off with sports that reflect the character of this great nation.

Enjoy your day, you deserve it.




3 responses

4 07 2010
Anthony C

Thank you my English brethren and we shall raise a glass and enjoy the show this evening. Cheers!

7 07 2010
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7 07 2010
Tony B


I am reliably informed that an entry in the then King’s diary for 4th July 1776 reads “Nothing much happened this day.”

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