Potato Concerns – Open For Debate

22 06 2010

Yesterday I pointed out that traditional media feedback mechanisms can be a barometer towards public opinion.

Whilst the issue of potatoes tasting different to 30 or 40 years ago may seem trivial to some, it obviously has struck a chord with other lovers of the vegetable and today The Daily Telegraph has printed 4 replies to Sam Kelly’s lament.

I only got one, but these are worth bringing attention to.

Not wishing to infringe any copyright laws, these are as follows :

SIR – Sam Kelly wonders why his new potatoes are so disappointing. Perhaps he buys them at a supermarket. We don’t – ours are delicious.

Charlotte Wallis, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

SIR – A type of potato that tastes as good as old Jersey Royals? Answer : pretty much any that are home grown.

Stephen Fyles, Watford, Hertfordshire

SIR – By far the best-flavoured new potato is the Foremost variety. I have never seen it at the greengrocer’s but it is not too late to plant for a crop at the end of the summer. It keeps its new potato flavour as the tubers mature and stores well until at least Christmas. The Royal Horticultural Society gave it an Award of Garden Merit.

Sandy Cox, Lowick, Northumberland

SIR – Cornish potatoes have an excellent flavour at present, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Helen Brady, Halesowen, West Midlands

This is exactly the sort of open, public forum that is sadly missing in much of today’s mass media. These people have taken the time to email their thoughts (no chance of these being posted – the Royal Mail struggles to deliver first class mail within a week) and with the exception of Charlotte Wallis – whose reply seems to a) assume that Sam Kelly is a man and b) that her potatoes are fine, thank you very much, because we buy them direct from a superior source that isn’t a supermarket, so up yours – all give good advice that Sam will be able to use in the search for the taste that is obviously missing from his/her potato.

Kudos to the brilliantly named Sandy Cox (Q : what do you get if men lie naked on a beach, A: ……..), whose reply is succinct with enough information to inspire further investigation.

Today’s burning question on LTTE : Should women be allowed to serve on Submarines? – inspired by Capt Peter J. Newton of Chellaston, Derbyshire who states that “the decision to allow women sailors to serve on submarines is likely to hamper Britain’s ability to fight a nuclear war.”

Because apparently women run the risk of getting pregnant.

This one could really become a heated debate.




One response

24 06 2010
Anthony Carlson

I have tried to engage in similar dialogue on Facebook, and not surprisingly, my American cohorts offer little response. Sadly enough, there is an overwhelming predisposition to bragging about one’s children and frantic attention to some maudlin soul seeking a response to his daily lament. But hey, I now have Limeyview to share all of these thoughts.

Have a great day DB and keep it coming.

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