Deja-vu as Tiger Comes Back and Obamacare Drags On.

25 03 2010

On Monday, I believed I had awoken to a bright, new beginning of access to affordable healthcare for the majority of America.

On Tuesday, I was under the impression that Obama had signed the legislature into law and that everything was proceeding smoothly (even with the lack of support from Republicans) and that it was just a question of i dotting and t crossing.

On Wednesday, I took my eye off the ball because I had an upcoming video-game conference on my mind. Plus I was very keen to play Tiger Woods 2010, a golf sim that allows you to be an excellent golfer with some flaws in his personal life for which he is very sorry and hopes that the matter is now ended.

This morning, I made myself a cup of coffee and fired up the world’s slowest laptop. Once the miniature hamster that powers this device had got up enough speed, the comforting facade of the British Broadcasting Corporation appeared on my screen.

And this caught my eye.

US health legislation sent back for new House vote

You can read it for yourself here,, but I admit that I may have spluttered WTF and spat coffee at my computer.

I don’t understand what is actually happening.

If someone could just tell me the answers to these questions, I promise not to write any more satirical, socialist posts :

  • Has Healthcare Reform been approved or not?
  • Does this country now have Obamacare?
  • How much longer is this going to be dragged out?
  • Is Glenn Beck behind this?
  • Can anyone find me pain relief pills that work well with alcohol because my headache from following this just won’t go away.
  • What are the odds on Tiger winning the Masters this year?

Can someone please help a very confused Brit because I find the plotlines of David Lynch films to be more understandable than US Politics (and I studied Political Science).




3 responses

25 03 2010

1. The House and Senate still need to finish their i-dotting (t-crossing having been finished), but yes.
2. Portions of The ACA will roll out in the next six months, but the final provisions won’t be enacted until 2014 at the earliest, and is contingent on Congress funding those provisions, so Obamacare as it exists this morning (or whenever it truly becomes law) might never, well, actually exist.
3. Yes, for he is The Master.
4. Naproxen
5. 3-1 at Ladbrokes

27 03 2010
Anthony Carlson

1. Health care reform is real and the Republicans are on the repeal attack while 14 states, including my beloved Colorado, have filed lawsuits under the rights of states.The Supreme Court will eventually hear arguments for and against the right of the Feds to require that citizens buy health insurance. We will see, nut most constitutionalists are already saying the states are wasting time.

2. We have Obamacare and it’s on Wikipedia:

3. This will drag out through the November elections and if the Republicans sweep the Senate and the House, we could see aggressive attempts at a full repeal with presidential vetoes and the whole lot.

4. Glenn Beck is an asshole that is the hero to all white supremacists and fat, uneducated Americans everywhere. This guy is teaching revisionist history to the hordes that slept through high school civics classes.

5. I have a bunch of dentist friends that carry around prescription pads and have nitrous tanks in the trunks of their cars. I am sure that with some chemistry experiments we could find the right combination.

6. Tiger will win and piss off white people even more than Obama has.

4 04 2010
Paul Geffen

The problem with Political Science is that it doesn’t apply here in the Wild West. We practice something more akin to a black art when it comes to making laws.
In the more civilised parts of the world, politicians actually make policy. It’s different here. What we call politics is merely cheap entertainment with devastating side-effects.

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