America, A World of Weird; #2. Yankee Seige

1 03 2010

Name : Yankee Seige

Location : Greenfield, New Hampshire, on Route 31.

If the sight of a Routemaster bus in Alabama had knocked me for six, then a huge crane with a spiked wrecking ball actually made me turn the car around to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.

This entire site comes out of nowhere. One minute you are driving happily along, marvelling at the beauty of nature and remarking that you haven’t seen another car for a while when suddenly you turn a corner and there is this.

A field full of rusty old iron, some gates (with no fence), a mini Stonehenge and in the distance a castle stands atop a small mound.

And 50 yards from Route 31, there is this. A crane and a wrecking ball.

 When we got out of the car, there was nobody around. The surreal nature of what we were seeing didn’t really kick in at first but we were able to walk around the entire site without having any clue what it was for and why it was here.

Paris Hilton normally arouses the same feelings in me, but at least a field of rusty iron will engage my attention for more than five minutes.

Apparently it is the home of a Trebuchet – a device constructed to throw large rocks over a distance which was probably very popular in the Middle Ages to destroy castles or perhaps to lauch people who disagreed with your decisions.

Built by a farming family to hurl pumpkins great distances, Yankee Seige, is a world champion in pumpkin chucking and in November a world record of 2034 feet was achieved.

A shame that on the day we were there, there was nobody to explain this to us and instead we wandered around in silence before deciding that it was too cold to be standing in a field of cranes and rusting old machines.

Thank god for the internet, otherwise I would have been none the wiser but it is something that you would never find if you only use the Interstate.

Unless, of course, you don’t want to see a huge, spiked wrecking ball.

NEXT WORLD OF WEIRD, The Holy Land in Orlando




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