Relaunch of The Palm Pilot

9 02 2010

Sarah Palin has done it again.

Just when you think that she can’t provide any more comic relief, she gets filmed at the inaugural Tea Party convention with scrawled aide de memoirs on her hands. The words “energy”, “budget cuts”, “tax” and “lift American spirits” had been inscribed (unless it was a botched tattoo), although “budget” had been crossed through.


For some in the media, this has been a great opportunity to mock the Rogue Republican. The Times Online refered to her hand as a “hillbilly palm pilot” which brought a small smile that was quickly wiped away by the thought that for many Sarah is a role model and that at the very least she deserves some respect for standing up and speaking her mind.

It may be all part of a beautifully stage-managed PR drive, but she gives the impression of really caring what happens to the ordinary people that seem to have been left confused by the rhetoric of “hope and change“.

I am not a big fan of SP, but the First Amendment of the US Constitution clearly states that “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

As a native of a supposedly democratic and free country and now a Resident Alien in another, the above concept is an integral part of my beliefs.

 Freedom of speech is part of what makes the individual, it is part of our basic human rights to be able to voice our thoughts, to be able to criticise what we consider to be elements that hinder the path of true democracy.

If we do not have freedom of speech , we begin travelling down a road to censorship and that is not what the world needs. For us to be truly free, we need to be able to express ourself but we must also do so with a responsible attitude.

Sarah Palin may not be the world’s most gifted orator but she has a right to voice her concerns. If she needs the odd word to prompt her and to ensure that the rhetoric is genuine, then so what?

As ever, it is the mass media which decides who should be a figure of fun. Obama uses a tele-prompter whilst SP goes for something that she is comfortable with.

Another non-existent storm in a tea-cup.




2 responses

9 02 2010

Sarah Palin may not be the world’s most gifted orator but she has a right to voice her concerns…

Hmmm… she is actually quite skilled as a speaker. Audiences love her speeches. And quite frankly if she can give a speech with a few scribbles on her palm as opposed to two teleprompters, I wonder who the “gifted” person really is?

9 02 2010


SP is skilled at speaking to audiences that appreciate her style. However I think that she actually had the speech written in front of her, possibly placed on the lecturn but what she does well is that ability to connect.

Gifted oratory is not always a positive thing. A historical german figure was a gifted orator.

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