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31 01 2010

It’s that time of year again. Award Ceremonies.

The great and the good gathering together to pay tribute to those of the profession who they feel have achieved a high standard of excellence that should be rewarded with a small trophy.

Cue the big smiles, formal attire, sweaty palms and the desperate scramble of the paparazzi to get the best shot.

We have had the Golden Globes and the SAGs, soon it will be Oscar’s annual turn in the spotlight. The great, good and talented coming together for a night of back-slapping and bonhomie.

For musicians, the Grammys are the big one and I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.

109 Awards will be handed out tonight, there will be tears, thanks and the chance for Kanye West to complain that Beyonce didn’t get all ten of the awards that she is nominated for.

I have always found awards ceremonies to be very curious events.  

They exist as a celebration of not only success and of honouring the worthy but also as a reminder that not everyone can be a winner. If you look at the Oscars, then for five nominees for best actor/actress/director/film, there will be four who do not win. They will sit there, the eyes of the world upon them as they politely applaud their own failure. I will always remember a scene from “Friends” when Joey was nominated for an award but didn’t win and was filmed swearing and ranting at Rachel. I happen to think that is a far more realistic reaction than nodding sagely as your name is not read out and mentally relocating to the bar.

Although to be fair to Joey, he did accept one on someone’s behalf and then stole it.

Beyonce dominates the nominations this year, although Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa have also had a good year. Guitar based music is woefully under-represented in the main categories (Song  LP, Record etc), Kings of Leon are the torch bearers for the air generation.

Thankfully there are so many different genres being represented. Pop, rap, R&B, rock, hard rock, metal, folk, alternative, country, dance, instrumental, new age, jazz, gospel, duo with vocals, duo without vocals, duo with occasional vocals and best vocal by Kanye West to name but a few.

Much as though I would like AC/DC to win best rock LP, The Crystal Method to win dance, Depeche Mode for alternative (?)  and Slayer to get the nod for metal performance, it is the discovery of the awards that probably won’t be televised that has fascinated me.

Personal highlights came from

  • Best Rock or Rap Gospel LP
  • Best Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel LP
  • Best Latin Pop LP
  • Best Tropical Latin LP
  • Best Regional Mexican LP
  • Best Tejano LP
  • Best Banda LP
  • Best Hawaiian Music LP – lets hope that Masters of Hawaiian Slack Guitar Volume 2 gets the respect it deserves.

109 awards each with five nominees (sometimes multiple contributors).

Each award can only have one winner. An awful lot of people are going to leave with nothing.

The sound of polite applause will be deafening.




3 responses

4 02 2010
Tom Baker

I was happy to see Stephen Colbert host the Grammy’s. I forgot that he was doing it. I only watched about an hour but I’m glad Beyonce and Taylor Swift did well. I just don’t like Kanye. Not because of what he did at the VMA’s. I didn’t like him before then.

24 03 2010

where is your bloddy review of the first night of the Boston Rules OK!?

25 03 2010

It is on its way, have been trying to write it all week but have been tied up with the world of video-games (researching and not playing!). I didn’t make it to the sunday all ages session so the piece is actually going to become more of a reflections on the punk/hard rock scene in Boston. It should be on very soon but in the meantime feel free to check out my review of Henry Rollins on that site (under the Frequency-Boston section). Let me know the next time you guys are playing and I will come down.

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