Perception – A Poem

17 01 2010

I stand in the shop, purchases in hand, identikit material from an identikit world

I stand in the pub, drink in hand, laughing, joking, the noise of strangers enjoying themselves at differing levels

I stand at the football ground, shouting, swearing, moments of joy and despair brought on by 22 men and a leather ball

I watch the television, listen to the radio, observe and hear the world as it continues its movement, it does not stop if I do not tune into its wavelength

The nature of control is influence, how we perceive is part of our individuality

We cannot control the news, the sport we watch, the art we view, the media that presents itself for voluntary consumption

Only if we have direct involvement, can any control be established and only at a defined level

We can control ourselves, our addictions, our compulsions, our role in life

We have freedom of choice, we are the controllers of our own destiny

The Decision is Yours

No-one Else to Blame

Choose wisely, it’s Your Life.




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