Freezing Cold and Slightly Miffed: Patriots Fail to Impress on my NFL Debut

12 01 2010

It was freezing cold on Sunday at the Gillette Stadium. So cold that I wore two pairs of gloves including some hand warmers.

Which didn’t work.

The New England Patriots might know how that feels.

Before I went to the game, I posed some questions. I cheerfully admit that I am a complete NFL novice but the answers to the questions are as follows:

  • Edelman did OK, scored two touchdowns but No,  he wasn’t able to ensure the Patriots repeated their last score against the Ravens.
  • Ditto Tom Brady who looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but Foxboro.
  • By losing 33-14, the Patriots can now put their feet up and watch the Superbowl on TV with the rest of us mere mortals. Which is what Dan Shaughnessy described them in his piece in the Boston Globe after the match. Some fans around me may have called them something else.

Even I know that being 24-Nil down at the end of the first quarter is going to take one hell of a comeback and, sadly for the sell-out crowd,  New England were just not up to the task.

I also still have no idea what a Tight End is, can advise that there was no chanting from the Pats fans (although a noise similar to booing was heard at times), there was no away end (just individual pockets of Baltimore fans who couldn’t believe what they were seeing) and that it takes more than 5 Lite beers to get an alcoholic buzz (but mainly because after three I changed to Guinness).

The Cheerleaders were completely covered up and there was no sign of a big, foam finger anywhere. Although there were an awful lot of middle digits being raised in the direction of the pitch.

Apart from the result, I had a really good time.

Looking forward to next season already. Especially as in September it will be warmer than yesterday.




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