Patriots vs Ravens will Pose More Questions Than Answers

10 01 2010

According to ESPN,, the big question this week has been how the Patriots will replace Wes Welker. I can’t deny that it has been on mind as well.

Will Julian Edelman be able to fill some very big shoes, and be able to make sure that the Pats repeat their 27-21 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in regular season?

Will Tom Brady be able to impose his customary style and ability to throw a ball where he wants it onto a game that will determine if the Patriots are to advance to the next round of post-season after their gruelling 16 game regular season (that started way back on 14th September, 2009)?

Are the Patriots good enough to be crowned World Champions at  Superbowl XLIV in Miami on February 7th?

I haven’t got a clue if I am honest but today I am actually going to see a game of Football. The American version.

Which involves a lot of throwing, running, pushing, sacking, scrimmaging, high-fiving, tackling and about 30 seconds of kicking (the ball with the foot).

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens @ Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA.

I am genuinely looking forward to it and am hoping to get the answers to the following questions ;

  1. What is a Tight End? Does it differ from a Hooker in rugby?
  2. What is the favorite chant of the Pats fans? Will the away end make more noise?
  3. How does a game lasting an hour – Four Periods of Fifteen minutes – take so long?
  4. How many Lite beers does it take to get a vague alcoholic buzz?
  5. Will the Cheerleaders be covered up against the cold?
  6. How much is a big, foam finger?

All of these questions are to me just as important as to whether Edelman can replace Welker.

Go Patriots. I just wish I had my soccer rattle or an airhorn.




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