In the Words of Hiro Nakamura – YATTAAAAAA!*

24 12 2009

Japanese is not my first language but when we arrived at Heathrow Airport yesterday and when our the interminably slow baggage carousel dispersed our bags, the urge to raise both hands in the air was overwhelming.

Some friends thought that flying from Bermuda to Boston @ 12.52PM, getting back to our apartment, unpacking, repacking (including christmas presents), going back to Logan Airport in rush hour and checking in @ 5.15 PM for a flight to London wasn’t possible.

I may have had some doubts myself (although in the spirit of Christmas, I kept them hidden).

No worries,  I was supping a relaxing pint of Sam Adams in the airport bar @ 5.25.

But I will admit that there were times when I thought we weren’t gonna make it.

Driving to the airport in Bermuda the wind still seemed to be fairly gusty but after we checked in at L.F. Wade, we met the pilot (clutching a bottle of rum swizzle) in Duty Free and he told us that “we are definitely flying today”.

Which we assumed meant air travel.

When we got to Boston the fact that we had gone through US Immigration in Bermuda (don’t ask!) meant that we blitzed through arrivals into the baggage hall where 2 of our 3 bags arrived promptly before the carousel broke down. The lack of urgency displayed by the ground staff at Logan was unnerving but once it started again, the third bag was dispatched and we exited the airport at a brisk pace.

Happily we had decided to forgo a taxi and our friend, The Fixer, had responded to the Code Red call placed the day before and was waiting with the engine running.

Even the sight of Boston bathed in sunlight and snow wasn’t a concern as the roads were clear and the traffic flowed.

Once back at the apartment, organised packing was not the order of the day. Suitcases were emptied and warmer clothes were thrown in. Already wrapped presents were carefully sorted and placed into a holdall.

But we had written a list. We were organised.

I even had time to fall and bruise my knees, take out the rubbish and open my mail.

We left the apartment @ 4.25PM.

There was a minor scare on Storrow Drive when the traffic looked heavy but we were back at Logan by 4.50PM.

Checked in at 5, paid for an extra bag – when you fly back of the bus you are allowed one piece of checked luggage and it costs $60 per additional piece. A discussion for another day.

Arrived in London after uneventful flight (although we were seated in Kid Central, difficult to sleep when the babies can’t) and got to my parents in time for tea and bacon sarnies.

As I said, Piece of Cake.

Spoiled only by the discovery that  by missing our flight on the monday, Expedia/Virgin have cancelled our return flight to the USA which needs to be sorted.

Still, you can’t expect everything to go right over Christmas.

*it means “I did it”, and anyone who watches Heroes will know what it refers to.




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25 12 2009
Tom Baker

Merry Christmas!

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