My Cartoon Of The Week

5 12 2009

Taken from The Independent (UK) on 2nd December.

Several moments of pure satirical genius here :

  • The use of The Beach Boys tune, with obviously changed lyric
  • Obama on a surfboard, Gordon Brown on an ironing board
  • Obama has proper military helmet, GB is wearing a colander
  • Note the chain linking GB’s neck to Obama’s wrist, Brown’s future is linked to any success that the deployment of extra troops in Afghanistan.
  • They are surfing on a sea of human misery and despair
  • Obama is in surf shorts ( a reference to his childhood in Hawaii?)
  •  GB is a mass of flab and excess skin with his hands protecting his genitals (anyone who has played sport will know that when you receive a blow to that region, it really hurts!)

Time will only tell if Obama has made the right decision to send more troops.

For Brown, his fate will not be decided on the battlefield but at the ballot box when he has the courage to stop protecting his balls and show some by calling a General Election.




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