Living on Shuffle……..Give Me Back Control!

16 11 2009

The experiment has come to an end.*

I have noted its findings and evaluated the results. I calculated the co-efficient variable of songs based upon the relative position of the artist within the confines of the library and the statistical possibility of hearing songs that I want to hear.

In other words, I got bored and wanted to hear the new Slayer LP. A band who had not been deemed worthy by the Ipod elves.

I lived on Ipod Shuffle for 9 days, only listening when I was out of the apartment and it was not easy. Mainly because I heard some material that I was not aware I had, and when I did hear a favorite tune it made me want to listen to some more of that band……difficult to do when you have set yourself a task.

The best research takes a small cross-section of society and analyses the results.

In this case, I ran out of steam around 120 songs.

I thought I would post some highlights and general weirdness that was generated “randomly”.

  • first song selected on shuffle was “On The Run” by Pink Floyd
  • last song was “Forgotten Sons” by Marillion, who had the most songs with 5
  • best cover version : “Creatures of the Night“, originally by Kiss but performed by Iced Earth
  • strangest cover : “Rapture” by Blondie, covered by Dub Pistols with Terry Hall (of The Specials)
  • strangest three songs in a row, Marillion “King“/Nat King Cole “unforgettable“/Talking Heads “Drugs
  • Shuffle chooses Theme? : Funeral For A Friend “Storytelling“/Leftfield “Fanfare of Life“/The Mintchicks “Funeral Day“/Def Leppard “Bringing on the Heartbreak”
  • Totally Random Track : MC Tunes vs 808 State “Tunes Splits The Atom
  • Song I had never heard before but was pleased it arrived : Thrice “The Earth Isn’t Human
  • Song I wanted to fast forward : Wishbone Ash “The King has Come
  • Shortest Song : AC-DC “Bonny” (54 seconds)
  • Longest Song : Marillion “Forgotten Sons“, live version 12 minutes and 45 seconds.
  • Favorite song : Lemon Jelly “The Staunton Lick

So there we are, a short but sweet experiment but an interesting diversion from having to make decisions.

We live in a world with an illusion of media choice, there are times when we believe that we have control over what we listen to and what we choose to view. Life however is just that…..random. None of us knows what lies around the corner, we need to take every day as it comes and make the best of our own “random shuffle”.

Right, what shall I listen to now?

* And I do have the entire list (in order) if anyone wants to read it!





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