Exciting New Feature…….I Report, You Decide

16 11 2009

A week is a long time in politics but in the blogosphere it seems that a week can feel like an eternity.

Or an hour of watching Glenn Beck.

In the words of the great philosopher, Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.


So what have I missed out on whilst enjoying the company of my parents and doing the whole tourist thing in Boston?

Apart from sleep and the inconvenience of eating out every night?

Not too much it seems.

Thanks to the joys of news summary provided by sites such as The Daily Beast and my luddite dependency on print media, I am actually fairly up to speed on what has being going on in the world since my last blog on 8th November, 2009.

First up, some great news…….Not.

Glenn Beck has recovered from his hospitalization and was back “refounding America” on TV from last Wednesday (11th November).

I don’t really want this blog to turn into some kind of anti- Fox News diatribe but this guy is too scary to be ignored. I am all for intelligent debate and differences of political opinion but watching him makes me want to throw cushions at the screen – I don’t want to break my TV, just express my irritation in a non-violent manner.

To put it simply, watching Glenn Beck “perform” makes me feel like my mind has been violated and not in a good way.

Last week he accused the New York Times of being “Obama minions who will gladly do the bidding of this administration, they will act as the propaganda arm of the White House”. Hello…..I have a call here for Mr Kettle from Mr Pot!

During the George W. Bush era what exactly what was Fox News? Did Rupert Murdoch not have a crush on Ronald Reagan? A station that has had a problem in keeping to facts and objective journalism!

 If you don’t believe me, then I recommend watching Outfoxed (a film by Robert Greenwald). I know that all media is subjective and the purity of facts can be undone by the crafty use of editing but there is no smoke without fire.

Glenn Beck can be as self righteous as he wants, well up with tears, point out the truths on his chalkboard that we all seem to be missing but he deals in fear and propaganda endorsed by a powerful group of backers who may not have your best interests at heart.

I apologise for this rant, but I find it pure irony that his latest inexplicably bestselling book is called “Arguing With Idiots” – I do not own a copy, so can’t comment on its content.

But I will give Beck some credit. He allows the free thinking individual to want to find out more, if only to see through (and dismiss) his agenda.

I want to leave Fox News alone for a moment as in the last 10 days there were three very important milestones which are worthy of discussion.

9th November saw the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which

  1. seemed to be the catalyst for the break-up of the USSR
  2. allowed thousands of Germans to be reunited with their families
  3. ensured that souvenir pieces of the wall could be packaged and sold to tourists
  4. was nothing to do with David Hasselhoff, despite his appearance there.

The night before, under the cover of darkness (which ensured that any protestors would probably be asleep), legislation relating to healthcare reform was passed by the House of Representatives. Not the ringing endorsement that was hoped, it scraped through on a vote of 220 to 215 – not too many Yes votes from Republicans – but at least there is some movement forward after months of deliberation and mis-information from both sides.

 Next stop for this flagship, 2000 page piece of legislation is the  Senate, who will be champing at the bit to make it law before Christmas………watch this space.

And I will finish on an amusing note.

Sean Hannity, who works for a major news network, admitted that they may have faked some footage of Tea Party protesters in Washington.

 It appears that previous footage of healthcare protests was edited into more recent shots and giving the impression that a march which drew 10,000 people seemed to be attended by a much larger congregation, all of whom were waving placards and voicing their concern at the direction the government wishes to follow.

However Hannity hadn’t reckoned on the inquisitive nature of the researchers on The Daily Show on Comedy Central, who spotted these anomalies and alerted their fearless leader, the ever dapper Jon Stewart.

Stewart, fresh from a critically revered impersonation of GB, seized upon the opportunity like the consummate professional (and comedian, not journalist!) that he is and forced Hannity into admitting the slight breach of journalistic ethics.

Sean Hannity works for Fox News.

I rest my case.





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