The Media we Deserve (Episode 2): the Rise of Citizen Journalism

8 11 2009


Having blamed poor, innocent Paris Hilton for the woes of the media world, my focus was brought sharply back by checking my Twitter feed.

I will admit that I have been scornful of the power of Twitter. Until recently I saw it as nothing more than an outlet for vacuous personalities and self-absorbed individuals letting the world know what they had for lunch or which party they were at.

I was wrong. I have seen the light.

Twitter (if used correctly) is a source of material that feeds into our new desire for instant access and gratification. It can be a news portal to information that we were not aware of, provided by a community that seeks to


Sometimes this is not a good thing.

I have attached a piece that appeared through Twitter (posted by cophotog – thanks, DB) today following the shootings at Fort Hood in Texas. I thought it was so good, that I decided it needed a permanent place in my own blog.

I wanted to be able to access it whenever I could, it seemed to make some sense of the way that Citizen Journalism seemed to be going. 

It is titled “After Fort Hood, another example of how Citizen Journalists can’t handle the Truth.”

For convenience sake, I have shortened the URL by using my second favorite new (well to me, anyway) internet thingy –

Please take the time to read this, watch the video and click on the link at the end,

Enjoy may not be the proper word, but I hope that it will make you think.

While Thinking is not yet illegal, we should make the most of the opportunities to learn more.

FYI : Picture found on google, ironically taken from another wordpress site – Ideological Soup. Ta v much!




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