Living On Shuffle – An Update

6 11 2009


So the experiment continues and at the time of writing the Ipod elves haven’t really thrown any curveballs at me (for UK readers ; they haven’t displayed any Shane Warne-like spin).

They do seem to like The Doors, Testament, David Bowie and The Hives (3 songs each, and I only have 1 Testament LP).

Genres have been as expected and have included

  •  A lot of metal (Avenged Sevenfold, Hallows Eve, Rammstein, Metallica, Machine Head),
  • Progressive Metal ( Dream Theater, Queensryche) 
  • Music played by earnest young men in skinny jeans, otherwise known as Indie (Airbourne Toxic Event, Blur)
  • British reactionary (The Jam, New Model Army)
  • Classic Rock ( AC/DC, Black Label Society, Faith No More)
  • The Unexpected (Barenaked Ladies, Then Jericho, Rachel Sweet – who I have no idea is!)

Other than that, it has been increasingly difficult to ignore the call of certain bands (Mastodon, The Black Crowes) who appear in my headphones for one song and then vanish………..but I will continue to explore the random elements of the aural soundscape provided by the Ipod.

Next on the screen is Exit Music (For A Film) by ………………Radiodread – dub interpretations of mopey-shoegazing superstars Radiohead.

Tune in later to find out if I stay the course.




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