Ron Borges – I have calmed down……sort of

28 10 2009

As we are aware, last weekend the New England Patriots trounced the Tampa Bay Bucanneers at Wembley Stadium.

This blog is not concerned with the result or whether the latest attempt at NFL global branding was a success or not.

Although the game (and many others, including the v exciting New Orleans vs Miami) was on in the various establishments that I frequented during the day, I was actually more interested in

  1. the Liverpool-Manchester United game, followed by West Ham-Arsenal
  2. the quality of the brunch @ Charleys on Newbury St
  3. the opening of a Ted Baker store in Boston
  4. the baseball

I was also still seething at the piece written by Ron Borges published in the Boston Herald on 24th September. If anyone hasn’t had the chance to read this, you can find it @

I was incensed by the portrait of London painted by Borges – “a betting parlour on Edgeware Road in a section of London that seems in some parts to resemble Baghdad more than Britain” was especially vexing and the information that “many signs are in both English and Arabic” was news to this Londoner!

I have no desire to dissect the whole article (I don’t have the time or inclination), but FYI

  1. the area of the Edgware Road that he talks about is known locally as “Little Cairo” – which implies Egypt
  2. Edgware Road Tube station was the site of one of the 7/7 bombings – so to compare it to Baghdad is slightly insensitive
  3. it borders Hyde Park, is approx 500 yards from Buckingham Palace and intersects with Oxford Street – logical to assume that it must resemble a war torn city!

Happily we, the little people, now have the means to interact directly with those who incur our wrath.

I signed up to the Herald’s website and posted a comment (under an assumed name, natch).

As a expat Londoner I find this piece to be fairly insulting. The Edgware Road (note correct spelling) is not representative of London which quite rightly can be proud of its multicultural nature.

Baghdad more than Britain?

Bearing in mind what the USA did to that city (and the suicide bombings of 7/7) Londoners must be grateful that our politicians decided to support the “democratic liberation” of Iraq and allow our citizens to carry on their lives without the need for a Green Zone.

 I would suggest that the next time you visit London you try and explore all of the city as opposed to one area, maybe then you will understand what this city is about.”

I am a strong believer in the freedom of the press and a fierce advocate of the right of individuals to practice freedom of speech.

But when a reputable newspaper allows its staff to post copy that is inherently flawed (don’t even get me started on the spelling mistakes within the piece!), then I will question the integrity of not only the reporter but those further up the chain of command.

I want to draw a line under this discussion as

  • I don’t really want to give Ron Borges any more free publicity
  • I have calmed down
  • I am looking for a job in Boston media
  • I have a deep desire to watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy today

But I am watching you Ron Borges, and I know where you work…………..




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