Ron Borges – A Final Word

28 10 2009

I don’t know whether Borges ever bothers to look at his reader responses but it was gratifying to note that just after I posted my angry comment, someone else felt just as strongly.

In total this piece drew 6 responses but as one of them was about how nice Tom Brady looked in his red shirt at the press conference, it is fair to assume that it didn’t strike the same chord as with the mysterious Shen28 who wrote;

“As a native to Boston who spent six months living the Edgware area of London, I’m appalled by this article. While you may have only been in London for the weekend, the game was only one evening, did you hole up in your hotel room the rest of the time you were there?

This article is exactly what gives Americans a bad name abroad. You clearly didn’t explore the city, because if you had, you’d never have compared London to Baghdad. The number of Middle Eastern people living in London is a testament to the city’s diversity and tolerance. (I reference BostonHodspur here).

 What makes London so wonderful is the sheer amount of cultures contained in a twelve-mile radius. If you wander a ten minute walk from Edgware Road, you’re in one of the most beautiful parks in London. Five minutes more, and you’re in Camden Market. So I’m not sure where Baghdad comes into play here, considering not fifteen minutes away is the home of punk-rock and one of the poshest living areas in the world.

I suggest next time you’re given the opportunity to travel abroad for your work, you take a less narrow-minded agenda with you.”

I don’t know who Shen28 is but I thank you for taking the time to comment on Borges’ myopic article.

And I promise that it is the end of this discussion.

Next up, the Michael Jackson movie – a poignant reminder of the loss of a talented individual or a desperate attempt to cash in by a concert promoter who is slightly out of pocket from Jackson’s inconvenient death.




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