Struggles in an Unfamiliar World

15 10 2009

Dear Reader

I crave your indulgence today as I have been away from t’internet for a while (leaf peeping in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont – tales for a future blog), so am feeling the need to post on a multiple basis.

Some years ago I found myself in surroundings even more unfamiliar than TRB.

I actually had some time to sit, think and drink lots of tea whilst in this location but it meant that all I had to entertain myself was a pen and some paper.

So I wrote some poetry…..sort of.

In 2005, This was originally called Trapped” but I am feeling more positive so it has been re-branded.


I watch the bee circling the room

It fights against the glass, aware of the freedom outside.

Continually it attacks the same spot, probing for weakness and finding the same obstacle.

Clouds scurry across the sky, enticing in their movement. They are on their way to a different place, they don’t care about the bee as it attacks the glass.

Conscious of entrapment, confusion renders it numb. Exhaustion takes its toll.

I want the bee to escape, to exist in familiar environment. It is not meant to be here, an outsider in a man-made cage.

The bee has other values and goals, but still it circles, trying to find a way out.

Time is not on its side, its life is short and it needs to make the most of its chance.

I watch the bee circling the room.





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